23 July 2021

How Mobile Apps are Helping Businesses Recover Post-Covid

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GearedApp Team

In some of the hardest-hit industries, economic recovery from the pandemic may take as long as five years. Businesses across the globe are looking at innovative solutions to not only stay afloat, but thrive in these challenging times. Technology plays a massive part in this.

Think of the number of businesses you know that have adopted technology in the past year; your local bar that now uses an online ordering app, or your favourite small business that’s selling their produce online. Covid has acted as a catalyst in businesses adopting tech, and it’s here to stay.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the industries affected by Covid, the technologies that are helping them to recover and the apps that are making their difference.

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What Technology is Doing to Help


The Covid-19 pandemic has opened up an entirely new way of learning. As the classroom moves online, innovative tools are helping to provide learning resources remotely. With teachers adapting to providing education online, this development not only creates a more engaging and inclusive learning experience for students, it also means more accessibility for students with any number of special circumstances.


With lockdown forcing shops and businesses to close across the country, many businesses are using technology to provide their services remotely. In fact, in the UK ecommerce sales increased by 46% in 2020. As a result, there has been a surge in online shopping platforms, and since the reopening of shops an increase in contactless payment options.


It can be argued that without technology the hospitality industry may not have survived the pandemic. Technological solutions are being used to ensure safe practices whilst retaining good customer service across the country. QR codes are being used to check-in to an establishment, apps for ordering food, and websites to book into bars, restaurants and cafes. All of these services limit contact with others and provide top-notch customer service.

Travel & Tourism

In the past decade, technology has revolutionised the travel industry. With the abundance of resources online, technology means that booking a holiday is more accessible than ever, somewhat removing the need for the traditional travel booking agency. However, in the past year technology is also helping the travel & tourism industry recover post-pandemic with innovative digital tour operators and online booking platforms. Not only this, but touchless technology is helping travellers to maintain hygiene standards whilst travelling.

Arts & Entertainment

Undoubtedly, the arts have been one of the industries which have struggled insurmountably throughout the pandemic. With live events, performances and museums closed, musicians, performers and artists have had to find new ways to get by. Technology has helped in providing an online platform for events, showcasing performances across the web. Social media platforms and live-stream events have helped keep many afloat.


Technology is changing the way the healthcare industry operates, offering online consultations, over-the-phone appointments and even diagnosis apps and platforms to help catch conditions early on. We all know how time-consuming going to the doctor’s can be – technology makes this process far easier for everyone.

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Eight Apps that are Helping Post-Pandemic

1. Eventace

Eventace is a Scottish-run family business looking to revolutionise the events industry post-Covid. Eventace’s app and web platform helps smaller suppliers get in front of event organisers. This sort of technology is needed now more than ever, helping to get the events and hospitality industry back on it’s feet.

2. Scale Up Scotland

Scale Up Scotland launched in 2018, and is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping businesses with high growth potential transition from startup to scaleup. Not only this, but Scale Up Scotland have provided resources throughout the pandemic helping entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the financial support available to them, supporting them in their recovery.

3. Phlo

Phlo is a revolutionary online pharmacy delivering your prescription straight to your door. Phlo hopes to be the digital pharmacy of the future – a simple solution to a common problem. This app has been extremely helpful to many in lockdown, eliminating the need for physical contact. This is exactly the sort of HealthTech that has been catapulted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Desana

Desana is an Edinburgh-based company making flexible working spaces accessible to all. The pandemic has given us all an insight into a new way of working remotely. This means that flexible working spaces are on the rise. Desana allows staff to easily find and book desks and meeting rooms across a global network of flexible workspaces.

5. Spill

With depression rates in the UK doubling since the beginning of the pandemic, for many mental health has taken a hit. Spill is a UK organisation breaking down the barriers to accessing mental health support. Using technology to help improve mental health is right in line with our tech for good values.

6. Remo

Remo is an online events platform, helping its users connect in a more authentic way. We all know how hard it is to connect over a video meeting. Remo is helping change that, creating an interactive space for its users. We love innovative solutions like this, solving our day-to-day problems.

7. Miro

Miro is an online whiteboard tool helping teams collaborate remotely. Anyone who works from home will know the challenges of working as a team when you are not in the same room. Miro helps to solve this problem creating an online space for collaboration. This technology is so useful as we adapt to the new normal.

8. FlyPay

FlyPay is an innovative FoodTech startup changing the way customers order and pay for their food. FlyPay allows you to automatically request your bill at a restaurant. Not only does it reduce contact with others, it is also quick and efficient.

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Technology as a Force for Good

From video calls to online shopping, we have all used technology to help pull ourselves through the pandemic. Technology has not only been a blessing to the individual but it has been a lifeline to many businesses across the globe.

At GearedApp, we believe in technology as a force for good. Without it, some of the hardest-hit industries would be suffering indefinitely. With innovation and collaboration, technology is making its difference to the world.

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