21 September 2020

GearedApp Turns 7! Why Tech For Good Has Always Been Our Guiding Light

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GearedApp Team

As technology advances, so does society. Innovative technologies can have profound impacts on social change — often for the better.

As one of our core principles over the last seven years, Tech for Good has been a fundamental driving force behind the direction of our company both culturally, and more recently, in the types of projects we’ve completed.

Join us as we explore why Tech for Good has always been a reliable guiding light for our company.

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Why Tech for Good Is So Important to Us

While we could talk all day long about the value that lies in Tech for Good, we’ve come up with three core principles shared by every member of our professional team.

  • Tech for Good Connects Us With People Who Share Our Vision
    • As our Tech for Good values are so important to our entire team, we’ve found that over the last seven years it’s been a beacon of light that has attracted a wonderful array of clients that share our desires to leave the world a better place.
  • Tech for Good Delivers Impact Ethically
    • Technology is positively impacting and disrupting almost every aspect of daily life, and at an evolving rate. At GearedApp, we’re strongly driven by our desire to deliver impactful projects that make a meaningful and valuable difference to our client’s (and their end-user’s) life. We believe Tech for Good ideas are what help to motivate our team and achieve development project success.
  • Tech for Good is a Driving Force for Sustainability
    • Sustainability and environmentalism are instilled in GearedApp’s core values, and most people in the organisation are advocates both inside and outside of the workplace. We’ve made it our goals as a company to head out at least once a year and do an activity that involves helping the local community or improving the environment.

We believe that environmentally sustainable businesses are the market leaders and innovators of the future, and Tech for Good makes sure we never lose sight of the things that really matter.


What Tech for Good Means to Our Team

Here’s what a few members of our team had to say about GearedApp and Tech for Good.

“The great part about GearedApp is the people, and how well they all work together towards a common goal. Everyone is always open to learning, finding new methodologies and ways of working”.
Amandine, Full Stack Developer

“Rather than being only profit-driven, giving back is something I value in an organisation. GearedApp’s sustainable and environmental values definitely align with my own on an individual level.”
Sammy, Marketing Associate

“Being Tech for Good gives us a designated purpose. Even as a developer, we’re encouraged to be a part of the discussion, features and feedback across the whole project. I like that GearedApp don’t just want to develop an app, we want to develop an app that has an impact.”
Armand, Full Stack Developer

Choose a Future of Tech for Good with GearedApp

Here at GearedApp, our team of professionals share a passion for Tech for Good, because we believe it’s changing and shaping the future of our world for the better. Designing, developing and using digital technologies to address social challenges sits at the very core of what we do every single day.

To find out more about working with GearedApp, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!