21 September 2020

GearedApp Turns 7! What We’ve Learned About The Value Of Clear Communication In Tech

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GearedApp Team

This year, GearedApp turns seven and to mark the occasion we’ve been doing a bit of company-wide reflection.

We’ve always been big believers in people sitting at the heart of everything we do. And with that, maintaining clear communication between team members and clients is at the front of our minds as the company matures.

Join us as we explore how we’ve blended the two worlds of business communication and technology to deliver value and success.

Clear Communication Leads to Happier Staff…and Happier Clients!

At every level of our company we value open, honest and transparent communication. Whether it’s between two team members or with one of our incredible clients, honest conversations have proven time and time again to build trust and credibility across the board.

One of our Full Stack Developers, Alex says “The GearedApp team feels like a family, and working with each other is a very motivating, supportive and transparent environment. I feel like this approach helps us find better technical solutions and continuously increase the quality of what we provide.”


We’re big advocates for a flat approach to leadership — meaning our directors are both peers and leaders within their respective teams. With everyone treated as an equal, there are no unnecessary communication barriers and we create an environment where all team members feel comfortable to ask questions or crack jokes when the time is right (sorry Josh).

Open Channels of Communication

Regardless of whether a team member has been part of the GearedApp family for five years or five minutes, we make it our goal to actively listen and encourage one-to-one chats to check-in with staff. We’re confident that effective communication fosters a healthy working relationship between team members, which in turn helps to improve morale and efficiency.

Making sure every member of our team feels listened to is an essential part of our ongoing support. To solidify the transparency of our company communication efforts, we’ve been delighted to see the success that our regular update meetings about business finances, targets, potential projects, profitability and overall company status have had.

David, our QA Tester, says “The management is very open about how the business is doing. It’s nice to hear what’s going well with projects, and what isn’t. It gives the whole team a much clearer idea of which projects we should be working harder on and which projects we’re doing well on.”

Providing our entire team with continuous updates has opened the floor to discussions not only about how we’re doing as a business, but also unlocking the potential of our people to share innovative ideas about how we can improve as a unit.

Honesty and Transparency to Deliver Impact

We think Nico, one of our Web & Mobile Developers, sums it up best when he says “While we have a main stack, the team has the freedom to explore new and different ways of working. If we find better ways of doing something, we can easily communicate that to the whole team and implement it on future projects.”

IMG 6335

As GearedApp continues to progress, our mindset won’t ever change. From our student startup days to the present day we’ve always been huge advocates for learning, growing, and making our mark with Tech for Good. Over the last seven years, our team has worked hard to build apps, websites and digital platforms for clients who share our values.

Throughout our company journey, all of our software and app development projects have been achieved through continued honesty and transparency at every stage.

Discover Value-led Digital Development with GearedApp

Here at GearedApp, we believe our people-driven, value-led approach to digital development is the key to delivering impactful change. To find out more about working with GearedApp, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!