21 September 2020

GearedApp Turns 7! A Wee Note From The Directors

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GearedApp Team

It’s GearedApp’s 7th birthday! And WOW, has this been a year to remember.

While we’ve faced many unique challenges as a company throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has continued to go from strength to strength through all the trials and tribulations remote working has thrown our way.

Through thick and thin, we’ve remained a tight-knit team and consistently persevered to produce the high-standard of digital solutions GearedApp is renowned for. In celebration of another year of progress, join us as we take a wee step back in time and look at some of the victories we’ve shared along the way.

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A Couple of the Big Milestones

While our first birthday, first app launch, and onboarding our first employee might feel like only yesterday, the past seven years have been quite the journey. It would have been easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget about our future goals as a forward-thinking tech startup.

However, we’ve always made sure to stop to smell the roses along the way.

Our tight-knit team have come a long way from humble student beginnings, and year-on-year we’re so proud to look back on the growth we’ve achieved together. No matter how much time passes, we’ve never lost sight of that ‘home-grown feel’ to our company.

Sponsors, Awards and Plenty of Reflection

It’s only natural that one of the key company milestones was our first development project that involved creating an app for the ‘Caps’ (The Edinburgh Capitals) ice hockey team based in Murrayfield. Just two short years later we were honoured to become one of the main sponsors of the team, cementing the project as one of the most memorable highlights in our company history.

Then in 2019, we were delighted to hear GearedApp was shortlisted for the Scottish Tech Startup Award. While we may not have claimed the top spot, coming in third place was a huge win for us. Our nomination for ‘Agency of the Year’ was a massive boost for the company, allowing us to promote our brand and connect with awesome new clients.

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To top off this stroll down memory lane, having Lara represent us as the keynote speaker at the Bright Red Sparks Award marked yet another big achievement for GearedApp. This was an amazing opportunity not only to be a part in recognising Scotland’s growing business potential but also in celebrating the entrepreneurship that has emerged from the Edinburgh Napier University (which is close to all of our hearts).

A Forward-Looking Glance

The GearedApp family has worked around-the-clock over the past seven years to build apps, websites and digital platforms for a wide range of incredible clients who share our passion.

To quote one of our Full Stack Developers, Armand, “we’re just a group of people trying to make things happen together.”

None of what we’ve built would have ever been possible without the backing of our community, network, friends and family sharing our values along the way. For that, we want to say an enormous thank you.

From Lara, Josh and Andrzej: Here’s to a bright, value-led and tech-driven future!

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