21 September 2020

GearedApp Turns 7! A Peek Into How We’ve Grown Our ‘Little-Big Family’ Company Culture

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GearedApp Team

As it’s GearedApp’s 7th birthday, we felt this was the perfect opportunity to take a dive into how we’ve home-grown our ‘little-big family’ company culture over the past seven years.

Even though our team may be physically apart and working remotely as a result of the pandemic, we’ve managed to find new ways to maintain a strong company culture and ensure our team holds onto that ‘family’ feeling as we venture into the new normal.

Continue reading to discover how we’ve developed our unique tech company culture.

Sharing a Common Passion for Digital Development and Learning


No matter how small or how large the development project our team embarks on, our people are the very core of everything we do. Through combining open communication and our passion for people and technology, we succeed in delivering high-quality and innovative digital solutions.

While the GearedApp team is full of unique and individual personalities, each team member shares a strong passion for technology and using it to make a positive impact on the world. This has created a culture of ongoing learning that’s supported at every level of the company, where both soft and technical skills are valued and developed.

Our Mobile Developer, Facu feels “We have this culture of always trying to improve. Everyone is a very keen learner, which makes it feel like the team is always getting better.”

Proudly Celebrating Our Diverse and International Team

Our international parties have become somewhat of a tradition within the GearedApp family. With employees from countries including France, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, England (and of course, Scotland) we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to dishes and delicacies from all over.

Work-wise, we feel the diversity of our team is one of our biggest strengths as a modern tech company. Not only is our global mindset and cultural awareness amplified, but communication, innovation, and creativity are stand-out benefits of our commitment to fostering a diverse company culture.

Taking Secret Santa to a WHOLE New Level

IMG 0553 scaled

Honestly, what Secret Santa celebrations at a tech company would be complete without one of the gifts being a newly-developed app featuring GearedApp specific questions and a treasure hunt?! Put it this way, our developers aren’t afraid to think outside the box — especially if there’s a good laugh to be had along the way.

Supporting One Another Through COVID-19

With most of our tooling already being remote-work-friendly, the pandemic didn’t throw up too many obstacles when it came to maintaining productivity and continuing daily operations.

While we may not have been able to host gatherings or go for our usual drinks and meals after work, the GearedApp family pulled together to support one another. The whole team did a cracking job of sticking together and solidifying our core principles that allowed the company to thrive.

Aleks, one of our other Mobile Developers, puts it best when he says: “Even through COVID-19, GearedApp has continued to bring new faces onto the team. I’m excited about the future for the company.”

One of those new faces, Oscar, feels “Even although I didn’t get to meet many of the team in-person because of the lockdown I’ve found everyone really welcoming and supportive. Working on client projects has been a huge boost to my confidence.”

COVID-19 might have knocked us, but it absolutely pulled us in the right direction. We’re as optimistic as ever about the future of GearedApp and its place as a dependable voice in the Scottish tech scene.

Discover Value-led Digital Development with GearedApp

Here at GearedApp, designing, developing and using digital technologies to address social challenges sits at the very core of what we do every single day. We believe our people-driven, value-led approach to digital development is the key to delivering impactful change.

To find out more about our unique company culture, check out our Instagram feed.

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