16 September 2019

GearedApp turn Six!

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GearedApp Team

This year GearedApp turned 6 years old! Our team have worked so hard over the past 6 years to build fantastic apps, websites and digital platforms. None of this would be possible without our community, network, friends and team.

For the last 2 weeks, we have made 6 announcements to give back to those who have supported us over the past 6 years!

Here are our six gifts:

  1. We planted 212 trees through the Earth Day Networks Global Canopy Project to offset the firm’s carbon footprint and support disadvantaged communities worldwide.
  2. We released an article to showcase some of its Tech for Good ethical clients and their journeys, to thank clients for support.
  3. We gifted free consultancy to our network as a thanks for support and to promote the local startup community.
  4. We launched the Digital Project Starter Pack – a curated toolkit to support innovators and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to get ideas off the ground.
  5. We donated to Code Your Future, a non-profit organisation supporting refugees and disadvantaged individuals with the dream of becoming developers.
  6. Last but not least, on Friday we hosted a “Six year-old” themed birthday party to thank all of our team for their hard work. Pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and sweets galore! We partied in true 6-year-old style!


Here’s to many more years of awesome products and team fun!



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