7 December 2021

GearedApp – A Year in Reflection

GearedApp team

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GearedApp Team

From babies and puppies to new projects and team events, we’ve had a myriad of both professional and personal victories this year at GearedApp. With the pandemic still at the forefront of our minds, 2021 has had its ups and downs – as the year draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on this past year and are looking at what the next year holds for us at GearedApp. 

ead on to find out what we’ve been up to this year, and what’s coming in 2022. 


What Have We Been Up To?

Wellness Wednesdays

At the beginning of the year, lockdowns and restrictions were still very much in place. Like most of the world, it was a tough time for lots of the team. We started our Wellness Wednesdays campaign to help encourage the team to do what they love and to embrace the things that they enjoy doing outside of work. Every Wednesday, we posted a picture of one of the team on our socials doing something that brings them joy. 

This campaign was great for morale and helped all of us spend some time reflecting on our wellness. Check out this short video on our LinkedIn for a recap of what the GearedApp team do to bring them joy. 

Our newest recruits

This year, we’ve had a few new recruits bringing the team to 15! Our newest team members are- 

– Richárd Szegh – Full Stack Developer

– Dávid Lándori – Full Stack Developer 

– Kirsty Mooney – Digital Project Manager 

– Rachel Findlay – Marketing Manager

– Kiril Sugarinski – Mobile Developer

– Kamil Schmidt – Backend Development Intern 

We love growing our friendly team and can’t wait for these guys to help us to continue developing digital solutions for a long time to come. To find out more about the team, head to our about page. 

GearedApp babies

Our cofounders Josh and Andrzej both became fathers this year. Welcome to the world Baby Paulina Wiktoria Jablonska-Schmidt and Baby Jack Arthur Graham Carson. 

What a pleasure it is to watch these two grow up together as part of the GearedApp family. 

GearedApp Babies

New projects this year

Not only have we had a number of ongoing projects and clients this year, we also brought on a few new clients including; Stamp Free, My Name’5 Doddie, Muckle Media and Modereat. We are so proud of the team and all the work we have completed this year – it’s been a fantastic year for us and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

To find out more about some of the projects we’ve worked on head to the case studies on our website. 

We turned 8!

2021 marked GearedApp’s 8th year on the planet. Over the past 8 years we’ve designed digital solutions for everything from robots to meditation, spreading the word about our Tech for Good mission and growing into a kick-ass Agile team along the way. 

To celebrate our milestone, we invited some of our biggest supporters for a night of drinks, delicatessen and of course lots of catching up at Under the Arch wine bar. We are so chuffed to have hit the 8 year milestone – from three wide-eyed students to an ever-growing team of fifteen, we are so proud to be where we are. 

GearedApp 8th Birthday

In-person events

With in-person events back in action, we got the opportunity to not only attend a number of events this year but partner with them too. We exhibited at Startup Summit and Turing Fest 2021 using the opportunity to chat to contacts across the tech industry, spread GearedApp’s values and listen to some insightful talks from great business leaders from across the globe. 

Being able to meet people in-person this year was a real novelty that we definitely took for granted. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many great entrepreneurs and industry leaders – here’s to more in-person events in the future!


The Future of GearedApp

So, what’s next? After one of our most successful years yet, we have high hopes for the future of  GearedApp. 

Adding to the team 

We have plans to bring on three more team members in the coming months to support us in designing digital solutions for our clients. However, throughout we are looking to continuously grow so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming job opportunities.  

Scotland’s leading Tech for Good team  

We are on a mission to spread the word about our tech for good values, and are always looking to work with like minded individuals. We aim to become Scotland’s leading tech for good development house, paving the way for the tech ecosystem. Tech for Good is part of our DNA and we want to share that with the world. 

GearedApp Academy

We know how fierce the job market is right now – so many are struggling to get their foot in the door, and we want to pass on as many of our skills as we can. For us, this means helping train the next generation of developers through our own internship scheme and training programme. Watch this space for GearedApp Academy launching in 2022. 

friendly app development


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