Do you have an app idea and wondering about the next steps? Our app development process will give you an idea of how we can work together to turn your ideas into a reality.


1 – The idea

Before we can build an app, we need a good idea. We will begin with an informal conversation to discuss your ideas and establish the best way forward.


2 – The Estimate

With a good idea of what you’d like to achieve, we will put together a proposal for you outlining our estimated costs and timescales and some need-to-know information about how we run our projects. This will give you a general idea of what to expect if you choose to go ahead.


3 – Vision & Scoping

The first phase of every project is establishing a clear vision and scope for the app. This will involve in in-depth scoping session (normally between 2 hours and half a day) to establish all of the app requirements and the optimal user journey. The outcome of this session will be a vision and scope document that will form the basis of any project, with an outline of requirements, wireframes and costs for development. At this point you can either choose to part ways (please don’t go!), or go ahead with the project.


4 – Kick off!

So we have a clear vision for the app and you’re itching to get started. At this point we will get the project started and introduce you to the team with a kick-off meeting. During this time we will thoroughly go over all of the project requirements and milestones, and set all important deadlines and sign off dates, so we are all on the same page from the word go.


5 – Design

Before development begins, we take some time to explore design of the app, and produce a visual style to guide the development phase. We value your input and will arrange a design meeting to discuss these together.


6 – Development

Once the design phase is complete we can start converting ideas into reality and get coding! We like to split this up into phases so we can get the basics right before we add more complex features. Our team will keep you in the loop throughout this process and will need your feedback along the way.


7 – Testing

Testing is a crucial part of the project. While we will test the app throughout development, thorough testing is needed to catch any bugs that slip through the net. This can take a lot of time and patience, but will help ensure your app is robust and reliable.


8 – Release

When we are all finally happy with our new app, we will start preparing for release! We will navigate Apple and Google play’s submission criteria and timescales to make sure your app makes it to market. And we have lift-off!

spread the word

9 – Spread the word

With your app now on the market you can start spreading the word. We strongly recommend that you invest in a good marketing strategy so your app gets the attention it deserves.


10 – Support

Every app requires support once it has gone live, as there may be any number of Operating System updates and bugs that will need fixing over time. Once your app is up and running we will still be there to support it.


11 – Evaluation

For all of our apps, we provide an evaluation session 6 months after app launch, which will allow us to review the app’s success and assess whether any changes are required. This is also an opportunity to make plans for feature updates going forward.

Process! Process! Process!

So, what’s the next step?!