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It has been a hectic week for us at GearedApp, and not all of it can be considered ‘work’. That’s the beauty of small businesses though. As you all know, we love to plug The Power of Youth, and this post is no different. Monday evening saw myself, and a whole horde of other PoY’ers descend on the Kelvin grove Art Gallery. Amina Nabi, a long-standing member, invited us to her company launch. Amina has been working hard the past several years developing her business – Kinnect 2. Kinnect 2 is a social network that allows brands to engage with their users. Providing insightful information and data. Throughout the evening we enjoyed a staggering 4-course meal.  We also heard speeches from various people who had been part of Amina’s journey. This ended with a countdown from all 350 attendees resulting in Kinnect 2 being launched. It was great to catch up with other PoY members as well as meet some new faces.

Following the dinner it was a B-line home for bed. the next day Andrzej and myself were jetting (read: getting the train) down to London. Last week, Lara wrote a blog about accessibility and an app we had just produced, Good Food Talks. Late last year we were introduced to Matt and Kate Wadsworth. Until now, all our communication to date had been over email and Skype. Having recently launched the Good Food Talks app on the app store, Matt had invited us to come down to his app launch. Some of us, however, had to attend a Foo Fighters concert (Looking at you, Lara).

The Good Foot Talks app launch took place at beautiful rooftop restaurant, Babylon. Situated in Kensington, we were presented with a beautiful view of London. Babylon have been strong supporters of Matt and his venture, and it was really apparent on the night. One of the most surprising features of this restaurant, beyond a to-scale plastic cow, that is, were the flamingos that dossed around in the garden below. The launch party saw us taste some dishes from the Babylon menu, which were delicious!

As Andrzej had never been to London before, we took the next day to explore central London. Starting at Borough market, we loaded up on some carbs and other delights. Though shattered from the night before, we did manage to have a nap on the grass outside St Pauls. Followed shortly by a 13-mile jaunt around the city centre, we were ready for the train.

A cool 4 hours sleep after getting back to Edinburgh and it was time to hit up the final destination for the week. The Glasgow Science Centre, where we were guests of SIE and the RNIB for Tech Share 15. Tech Share is a two-day conference with a focus on accessibility and inclusion. The event focused on future technologies and what some of the giants, such as Apple and Google were doing in the field. We were lucky enough to catch their keynotes. We also held focus group sessions with some people with varying eye conditions. This was a great experience. It gave us the opportunity to talk to people about how they engage with technology, as well as discuss specific pain points that they face in their day to day life. Over the two days, we were given the opportunity to develop an idea. Google and Apple were both on hand for us to discuss these ideas with them. The course of the two days allowed us to learn and engage with other innovators in the field as well as the end users. It was a fantastic experience, and one that will serve us greatly going forward. One specific highlight for me came when demonstrating the newly released, Good Food Talks. One of the members of the focus groups was interested in how the app worked and wanted to try it out. Following a little play with it, the smile that was on her face was a real heart warming moment for me. Seeing someone use software and explain how impactful that it could be in her day-to-day life was a brilliant moment. This came as a result of in depth user experience research that we had conducted. We had also recently spent a lot of time looking at how smartphone accessibly features work. The conference ended with us pitching an idea we had developed over the past few days.

With the week almost over, there was just one last event to attend. William Yules are a food distribution network, based in Kirkcaldy. This year they are celebrating 150 years of being in business. With such a landmark occasion they wanted to celebrate. To give back to their staff, suppliers and customers, they threw a party. As suppliers, we were invited to attend the Musselburgh races. We had a lunch before heading to our balcony to watch the races. William Yules also sponsored the first race of the day. It was a great day to meet some important people in the industry. I brought along a friend of mine, the charismatic Hannah Dimsdale. Hannah runs Teadough, an awesome donut business in Edinburgh.

After a blowout week, it is time to get back to the office and knuckle down!

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