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Over the past month or so you may have noticed a few additions to our team. This is thanks to a big push to move into web technologies, so that we can provide connected digital solutions and web apps for our customers. It is important to us that we can build apps and websites of all shapes and sizes, that fit in with existing processes and systems.

Alongside this push, we are also building bigger and better mobile apps. To help us to do this, we are excited to announce another app developer, Andrew, has joined the team.

Andrew likes developing with C++, Java and Android. With a background in games development, he is well versed in all things maths, physics and real-time graphics. In his free time he confesses to watching a lot of films playing a lot of games (no surprise there!).

Andrew will be working with us to deliver mobile apps to a number of our customers, and he is looking forward to getting stuck in!

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