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At GearedApp we encourage all of our employees to write about their experiences so that can pass on insights to others. Our developer German is originally from Tenerife and recently came over to Edinburgh for a big adventure to immerse himself in the world of web development. We asked German to reflect on his time as an Intern at GearedApp and here’s what he said.

“After finishing my studies, I learnt some simple JavaScript, PHP and Java but I didn’t know how to pull it all together to build a web application. To solve this I tried hard to learn other technologies like Angular by myself.

A week before starting my internship at GearedApp I met with the team. I remember I was really nervous because my English was not so good, and because it was the first time that I’d met them.

After our meeting, I was really happy because they were really kind to me and I loved the working environment at GearedApp.

Today I can’t help but smile when I remember that meeting. I expected to find an ordinary company that would treat me coldly, but I found a little big family instead.

When I started my internship my first challenge was to build a web application or mobile app with any technology I liked. My choice was a mobile app using Ionic, which is a framework to build mobile applications in JavaScript with Angular. I didn’t know anything about Ionic, but I love challenges and I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to show them my programming skills.

With the help of the team, I learnt about mobile design patterns for IOS and Android and even how to build an application and deploy (launch) it – that was really awesome. I felt motivated to go to work everyday, to learn more and I loved building something incredible with the team.

I worked with a backend developer who made the backend for the mobile app, with a designer who made all mock ups to apply the style to the app, and a mobile developer who also helped me with this challenge. All of this was supervised by a project manager who taught me how to manage my time and become more productive. This was a really enriching experience.

After finishing the mobile app, I started to work on a project for a real client, working on the front-end interface. Before that, I spent a lot of hours learning about MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node), a collection of Java-Script based technologies, so when I started to work on this new project my skills really improved, thanks to GearedApp.

I’ve always felt like part of the team which has been great. After my internship and all the hard work, I was offered a full-time job at GearedApp. I am learning every day so that we can build fantastic WebApps together.

My internship has been a really important part of my life – I have learnt a lot and I met people who have taught me so much. We have also shared some very funny moments, like my first time on a train.

Today, I’m so happy to be part of the GearedApp team and also to live in Edinburgh – a city that I love.”

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