React & React Native

Use JavaScript to create great interfaces across multiple platforms

Built by Facebook, maintained and developed by the masses.

JavaScript, all the way through

React is a front-end UI library and React Native is the cross-platform framework. By using JavaScript all the way through, our team are better able to work and problem solve together.

Large Developer Community

React and React Native have been adopted by a large community of developers. Being a high quality JavaScript resource, there are many developers creating for and contributing to both the framework (React Native) and library (React). This helps us crowd source problem solving and speeds up our development. Writing in such a common language makes transferring between teams or developers much more pain free.

Reusable Components

React is a component based library. We can build our app using components that are structured to be reusable within a project, thus speeding up development and making them more maintainable.

Acces Native Features

With React Native you can write the majority of your app code as Javascript, allowing you to target both platforms. However, in instances where a module isn’t available within React Native, you can extend this by using platform specific, native modules or even writing them yourself.


Without getting too technical, we can tell you that React is great for delivering your user interface quickly! Using what’s known as a virtual DOM, React apps are able to minimise the amount of time it takes to render interfaces. This is great for delivering solid user experience.

Open Source

Facebook created the ReactJS framework in order to provide a modern scalable way to build single page web apps. The success of this led to the creation of React Native, which is now one of the most commonly used cross-platform mobile app development frameworks globally. These were then both open-sourced.

React is an excellent choice for digital platforms that require web interface and React Native makes for great mobile apps.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation

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