Progressive Web Apps

Web apps that deliver an app-like experience to users

With mobile app features and navigation, make it easier for your customers to access your platform.

One Codebase

The beauty of a PWA is that it’s fundamentally an app that is delivered via a website. This means that there is one single codebase for all operating systems, that is developed for use within a phone’s browser. This is great for ensuring the app is always up-to-date, and greatly simplifies maintenance of the app.

Avoid the App Stores

Since a PWA is distributed and used via a browser, there’s no app store or approval process. This saves days and weeks of time with every update to your app. You are also not subject to Apple or Google’s app guidelines, fees or regulations.


Just share the website URL! With a PWA, app distribution is as easy as copy and pasting a link, or directing users to your website. When they visit they will be prompted to download the app. This distribution process gives you more freedom and increased opportunity with your marketing strategy.

Available Offline

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of a PWA is that, unlike with mobile friendly websites, it can be saved on the users device and used offline. When the user regains connectivity the app can then fetch any updates that were made.

What is a PWA?

A progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile-focused web app that provides the user experience of a mobile app. The user is able to visit a website and be prompted to save the app to the home-screen. When launched from the home-screen, the PWA looks and feels like a mobile app, ditching the url bar in the process. The benefit of this is that you can use a single website to provide your mobile app and web presence.

So, when would it be the right time to use a PWA?

A PWA is perfect when you’re providing users with a specific set of information that may be subject to change, but in places where data connections are spotty. A great example would be a conference, where users will require your schedule of speakers, perhaps an interactive quiz or feedback tool and access to other attendees. Users can benefit from using this app without the barrier of an app store, and the PWA will still work offline, allowing them to use it even in a large building where there is no data and the wifi is poor. However, whilst PWAs are great and provide an app experience, their ability to access mobile features such as location and camera can be limited.

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